I am. I've been so many things in my life, and I've claimed to be more. I used to show the world heaven in my words while its antithesis lived in my belly. I'd rather not hurt anybody, and there are always casualties with these things, so lets decide upon something simple and easy to remember. I am John Gold, I am a nice person who was not always nice, I am a son of god with power beyond your wildest understanding, I am a homosapien bohemian with a love for words and melody. Ask me anything you want.


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I have not been on tumblr for almost two years haha

John Gold - Edgar Allan Poe (by JohnGoldFlorida)

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Hey guys if you are serious about donating to the cause there are only a few days left in which you may do so! Fund raising ends this upcoming Wednesday, so have at it!

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Night owls

new song up.

I love you more

than words can

express (that is not the title)


Is entitled “My ‘Name’”

Sounds like this:

wolves chasing deer

Party at my local library

The Aleph drops on August nineteenth. At the Land O’ lakes Library.


Hippodrome (Orlando)

Wolf in the Fold (Dade City)

Introvert (Tampa)

Halibut (St. Petersburg)

Drake Sweet (Clearwater)

Audrey Sinead (North Tampa)

Jessi Sherbet (Land O’ Lakes)

Donna Lu (Lutz)

John Gold (Land O’ Lakes)

Doors Open at 6PM first artist at 630

2818 Collier Parkway
Land O’ Lakes, FL 34639



Non traditional venue for album release?


I just got the cover of “The Aleph”  back, and it looks amazing.  I will show you in a couple of days.  Untill then here is a picture of my mom and I.

Picture not available.

Because my mom is ____ ___ ___ _____!